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The Jesus of the Transylvanian plain


In this paper I address you, those who warm yourself daily in the bright light of our God, as well as to those who are lost and are searching the path to it, wishing you to  receive from God wonders as the statue of Jesus in the enclosed picture, which I will relate the following lines.

            I was born on the 18th July 1944 in the heart of Transylvania, in Săbed, a beautiful place situated at 22 km from Târgu Mureş. I was brought up in a generous and honest hungaryan family, receiving a proper spiritual education. During my childhood assisting to many good facts in my native place, I felt that the fertil soil and that very good spring water hide a divine treasure. My parents certainly knew this, because at their death they asked me not to sell the 4 ha. of area which I inherited. I had been praying and working for years for the possibility of keeping the land and the native house. - „Holding out” - encouraged me a voice coming from the inside, a  divine inspiration. “A real Hungarian doesn't stick in front of difficulties”. I cherished faithfully this thought, many times coping with hopeless and difficult situations.

I remained totally alone; my only support was God and Jesus Christ. God gave me attention during my struggles. In a beautiful day of spring I was in the nature gathering primroses and violets. There was silence all around the little farm; I felt peace and love around me, this happiness governing my whole day heralding the miracole that followed.  In that full moonlight night I had a beautiful dream:

The glorious Jesus Christ appeared near to the spring and held a blessing talk for the people, who were amazed listening to it. Finishing his speech he blessed the springs, the environment, then he left the people in a flood of light. After the light had disappeared a beautiful statue remained in its place. The next morning I knew what to do. My dream lived in my memory so vivid that I saw that statue even awake in that place.

For a long time I had been thinking just in myself about what had happened, but I knew that the statue had to be built. This was my mission with which I was entrusted by Jesus himself. I started to carry out my plan which took six years of hard work. I had to overcome much difficulty until I found the sculptor who understood what he had to create. This man is the 33 years old, an excellent szekler sculptor, Zoltán Gergely.

In the seventh year, in the summer of 2008, on the place of my dream stood in the full bloom of its beauty the statue of our Redeemer Jesus Christ, which takes care of all the Transylvanian nations and is calling and waiting all the good people of the world. Dignified, combining elements of the Universe, it awaits us with open arms to our eternal union in love.

            Let this place become the island of the nature-worship, a community-creating centre, which would give home to the promotion of tradition, to children camps, to common meditations and to ecumenical conferences, to be the place of mental and spiritual nourishment.

            For this I ask God’s help and your willingness to visit with open hearts the place where Jesus decided to print some of his miracles.


 “Living waters”


            2009 was a memorable year for me. In the centenary of my mother's born the God presented the Transylvanian Plain with an amazing thing. At a distance of approximately one hundred meters behind the Christ-statue appeared two springs on the clayed hillside. Even in my dream about the statue did I see in my mind's eye the spring gurgling at the foot of the statue, which would slake those people's thrist, who would stop there for a short prayer. So a new mission was waiting for me: I had to find „the water”!

At dawn, when the nature was still sleeping and everything was still, I went to the hilltop to meditate. At such times it could be felt the breath of the Mother earth and the radiation of its energy. Running my hands repeatedly over the soil I was trying to find the place where the spring was. I soon found it. At the same day I contacted an expert, who had modern equipment and professional team.

On the 4th of August, at the place indicated by me it had been bored deep into the ground and soon in sight of us from the inside of our Mother Earth came to the surface the live spring. It could be felt how it was breathing, throbbing, splashing at the moment of its „birth”. It had happened... I was just standing there, admiring it, examined it, tasting it. I was wondering what it was trying to tell us with its vibrations and splashes. I felt it immediately: it was a very tasty, soft and feminine (Yin) spring. I was extremely happy.

            I continued my way listening again to the inside voice, because I had to find the strong, masculine (Yang) spring too, which would be the perfect, complementary pair of the „Yin”. It's time the common sense decided again, because the key to every mystery is in the human brain.

On the other day at dawn I was meditating and praying again on the hilltop to find the pair of the spring. The smallest water that I found looked at me with shyness, unprepared, with fear in case I would have abandoned it. My prayer was listened as I felt again the energy coming to my palms from the earth, which was much stronger now than before. I knew that there would be the other, the strong, masculine (Yang) spring, the perfect pair for the first spring. It was the 8th of August.

Then I had to make great efforts to convince the experts to begin boring again, as I had found the spring not very far from the other. They didn't really believe me, they doubted my words, but when they saw how strict I indicated again the place and how sure I declared that the water was there, they began to work. We where happy indeed, when the water came again up to the surface. I tasted and examined it and I felt immediately the “Yang” in it, the masculine force. After that the experts put concrete slabs on the springs, after that they united their water and led it to the foot of the statue.

            At the summer there was very little rain, all over the country was torridity. The region called Transylvanian Plain had been hit by an extreme drought, the springs ran dry, there was no more water in the fountains, the flocks of sheep, the wild animals were thirsty, the plants on the plough-lands were sickly.           As if these young springs would have felt how important role they played in the area, gave enough water for all the people and animals.

The two springs – the mixture of weak and the strong – are running at the foot of the statue of the Redeemer Jesus Christ, waiting for all the good people who are going there and who love the nature and respects its laws, to taste their water and to refresh themselves mentally and physically as well. Strong, irrepressible and winning braved the history, the water waits us like the apprentices before the “Last Supper of Jesus” prepared to clean the feet of the Saviour and with this our sins. All of these I made happened in “Saint Mary’s Fast”, with “Yin” and “Yang” fullfilled faith – Jesus and St. Mary.  

They are welcoming everyone, let's make a pilgrimage to this simple place situated in the open country and blessed with natural resources.



Irene Mezei,





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